Changing Emotions with Emotions

isEFT Operation Committee

In 2022, the isEFT moved into a more comprehensive isEFT governance structure by adding an Operation Committee with the goal of revitalizing and growing EFT internationally. Here are its members:

Juliette Becking: is Chair of the ISEFT Operations Committee, being responsible for linking the Operations Committee with the ISEFT board. The ISEFT Operations Committee is constituted by three other elected members: Shari Geller, Carla Cunha and Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen.

Shari Geller: is the Chair of the Membership & Networking subcommittee and is responsible for enhancing networking and membership for the global community.

Carla Cunha: is the Chair of the Research & Education subcommittee and is responsible for research and education issues.

Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen: is the Chair of the Public Relations & Communication subcommittee and is responsible for Public Relations & Communication.

Each subcommittee is composed of enthusiastic and dedicated isEFT members.

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